HAZOP Study

Safety and risk management cannot be ignored by any industry and should be integral to any design process.

Whether you are charged with the capital build of a new facility, the modification to an existing  facility, changes to a manufacturing process or de-commissioning plant, the identification of safety and operability issues early in the project timeline reduces the potential for accidents resulting from ill conceived design solutions and the need for costly modifications later in the project. 

A HAZOP study is the most common technique used for safety and operability risk identification employing a team approach to identify hazards and operability problems.

The objectives of a HAZOP study are:

  • To identify all potential  scenarios which could lead to significant safety or operability consequences.

  • To establish whether current design as proposed ensures that the risk from each identified scenario is at an acceptable low level

  • Where the risk is unknown or unacceptable to identify further action that is required to resolve the issue


We can support your HAZOP with the following.

Independent HAZOP Member.
Personnel with extensive industry experience and ability to contribute effectively and constructively to the review without being influenced by the history of the Project

HAZOP Secretary
Personnel experienced in succinctly capturing the issues in debate and compile these issues into a format that provides an agreed output from the review.  In addition the ability to operate the HAZOP Software Tool for real time capture of review record without disruption to the team.

HAZOP Leader/Chairman
Personnel with extensive experience in leading HAZOP teams through the HAZOP process and the interpersonal skills required to steer the team through the debates that arise and assist them in forming an agreed conclusion

HAZOP Facilitation
We can facilitate the complete HAZOP study, we will provide the HAZOP Leader, HAZOP Secretary, Independent Member and organise conference facilities local to your premises. You will only need to supply the detail of your process to be reviewed and the delegates.

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