Feasibility & Optioneering Studies

Feasibility Studies

We  have substantial experience performing feasibility studies for many of our clients, in completing each study we ensure that a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the issues related to the project is established to ensure that a robust study is delivered.

A Feasibility Study is a low cost risk management tool  carried out at an early stage of a project to evaluate the likely success of a solution or a selected number of solutions. It identifies the risks, increases financial certainty and provides evidence as to whether a project is workable and realistic. It is equally valuable if it demonstrates that a project is not viable as it helps avoid the expensive mistake of undertaking a project which is later cancelled.

We can assist you in producing your own studies or we can undertake a complete turnkey study on your behalf.


Optioneering Studies

It is often necessary to make decisions between equally good alternatives as well as needing to satisfy various competing objectives. If none of the  alternatives satisfies all the objectives and specifications, the decision maker has to select the best way forward based upon compromise and selection.

When the consequences of the decision are serious, Optioneering is a process that enables clear and structured decisions to be reached.

We have extensive experience undertaking Multi Attribute Decision Analysis and many other forms of Optioneering studies for our clients, however the following elements are essential to successful Optioneering.

  • identifying the options and the criteria for the option evaluation

  • Providing impartial scoring for the options and applying weighting criteria
  • viewing and analysing the results; sensitivity and robustness analyses
  • Ensuing stakeholder participation to achieve buy-in to the decision

Technology Identification & Selection

To ensure that the optimum technologies are selected for a process, it is essential that a thorough initial search of available technologies is conducted. This will include revisiting known technologies and new technologies.  We achieve this by a combination of the following.

  • Group Brainstorming

  • Internet Search

  • Literature  Search

  • Past Experience

  • Canvas Experts

  • Conference Papers

  • University Research

  • Value Engineering
  • Learning from Others

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