3D Laser Scanning

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3D Laser Scanning

"A right first time technique"

High Speed & Accurate Data Capture

Our 3D Laser scanning service provides a detailed and accurate colour 3 Dimensional model of the scanned environment.

Whether documenting a complex process facility or accurately capturing the scene of an accident the possible applications are almost unlimited.



Capture data quickly in time at risk areas.

Measurements can be made directly from the scan data and 3D objects can be generated  to create dimensionally accurate CAD models.

In less than a minute we can take an 8 Mega pixel scan of the surrounding environment

Large areas up to 75 metres from the scanner can be captured in a single scan

Operates using infra red and so can scan in the dark.

3D Laser Scan in Full Colour displayed on 2D screen


We can capture up to 800 million points (3D pixels) with every pixel having an x, y, z coordinate and a colour value. 


CAD Model created from Laser Scan


  • Nuclear

  • Oil & Gas

  • Railway

  • Water Industry

  • Rivers & Canals

  • Automotive

  • Mining & Tunnelling

  • Heritage

  • Architecture

  • Accident Investigation

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